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VetSec has you covered from gates and turnstiles to card readers, biometrics and so much more.

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Keep your business safe inside and out with our integrated intrusion and fire detection systems.

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Sleep easy with VetSec 24/7 monitoring services and customized maintenance plans.

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We offer closed circuit television (CCTV), commercial security cameras that are equipped with smart analytics.

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When partnering with VetSec, you will receive a customized solution regardless of your security needs.

We offer a variety of smart security solutions, and these services don’t begin and end with installation; we provide everything you need before, during and after the security service installation.

No matter the size of your security system you can count on VetSec to provide the perfect customized solution bundled with excellent customer service.

If you’re opening a new facility or upgrading your facility’s existing security, we can help with knowledge, training, creativity and state-of-the-art technology.

Our team of experts offers professional design and development services for security and video surveillance systems, security system monitoring, fire and safety alarms, crowd control and more.

When it’s time to implement your plans, we have the expertise to do it right. Our knowledgeable staff has frequent training, certification and field experience to stay up-to-date on all cutting edge technology. We also upgrade and integrate existing systems.

  • Lifetime warranty on equipment
  • Annual, bi-annual, monthly equipment cleaning or updating based on your needs
  • Technical support, 2 hours per month, unlimited, all based on your needs
  • Health monitoring of your security systems, video, access, intrusion, fire
  • Intrusion 24/7 monitoring of your burglar/intrusion system
  • Fire 24/7 monitoring of your fire and life safety system
  • Video monitoring, packages customized for each job. 24/7 or alarm based video monitoring to help escalate police response. Video Monitoring is a great way to replace guard services. With customized packages you can control and document all activity on your premise.
  • Hosted Access control – We take the pain out of having to purchase servers, and updates to licensing.
    • VetSec stores all your data in a secure redundant server for up to 7 years, giving you access via URL. This saves upfront costs and maintenance costs.
  • Managed Access Control
    • VetSec will make all your changes remotely. You can hold us accountable for additions, deletions, holidays, schedules, and changes to your system without having to train employees.

Because each security system we provide is based solely on your specific needs, we do not offer blanket pricing. We provide customized proposals or quotes for every system we install and service, so that you can see exactly how our services will benefit you and exactly what your money is buying.

We will handle all aspects of your installation and service. Our professional project management staff gets to know the intricacies of your particular system and keeps you informed throughout the entire process. As long as you are our client you will always be kept up-to-date and in the loop with any issues or changes dealing with your system.