TomTom Delivering Expert Commercial Security Services 24/7

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TomTom Delivering Expert Commercial Security Services 24/7

How can a company like Veteran Security deliver round-the-clock expert commercial class security service? As you can imagine, this is a huge challenge and without the help of cutting edge technology, it would seem insurmountable. That’s when TomTom GPS technology came to the rescue. Any vehicle traveling with a GPS receiver system can be monitored because it is a satellite-based radio navigation system that sends its position to a GPS satellite that is orbiting round-the-clock. This technology was developed by the US Department of Defense, but TomTom is one of the first companies to bring it to commercial use.

Features of TomTom GPS Technology

The use of GPS system in turn-by-turn navigation is pioneered by TomTom. Veteran Security has benefited from this innovation because through it, we are able to track down our fleet in real-time. Here are the advantages of TomTom GPS:

  1. Seamless vehicle to office link

Every vehicle that we have is equipped with TomTom LINK. This is an integrated GPS receiver that allows GPS tracking and GSM transmitter which broadcast our vehicle’s location. At our office, all our fleet manager needs to do is login to TomTom WEBFLEET which is a secured web application, to monitor all our vehicles. This gives us an edge when we need to make split second decisions with updated information.

  1. Real time driver monitoring

It might sound unbelievable but this technology even allows us to monitor driving style. The g-force sensor in TomTom LINK can detect abrupt movement, acceleration and harsh braking. With this tracking capability, we can easily track down which driving behavior is eating up our fuel bill and we can then advice our drivers to improve their driving style.

  1. Enhance vehicle tracking

The enhance vehicle tracking provided us with a two-way communication between office and fleet. This allows for better time management and job dispatch resulting in reduced response time.

These advantages have enabled us to maintain our edge against our competition and keep our customers happy. The reliability behind TomTom comes from the fact that it is a military grade technology applied for commercial use and in this line of business, that’s just what we need because at Veteran Security, we are responsible for the life of our clients and we can’t just afford to be incompetent when it comes to that.  If you want to know more about TomTom GPS tracking, you can visit our website at of give us a call at 800-909-3628.

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